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Singapore is the only Asian tiger with an appetite for crypto

By Matthew Fulco / 2022.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.145

Singapore looks set to be Asia’s cryptocurrency hub, with Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan opting for more conservative approaches to decentral.. more

Opportunities in the Space Between Centralization and Decentralization

By Hsieh Yu-an / 2021.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.144

In October, Meta (then Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched a five-year talent recruitment plan to create a "Metaverse" that blurs the boundaries be.. more

The Space Market, Digital Infrastructure, and Bio-hacking are the New Hot Trends

By Black Bubble / 2021.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.144

The benefits of globalization have diminished in recent years due to tensions in the US-China relationship. In 2020, fear of COVID spread, which furth.. more

The Cloud Will be Indispensable in the New World of Finance

By Ingrid Chang / 2021.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.144

"In the new economy, the earth is flat; but following the pandemic, it has become flatter." The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation. Busin.. more

Financial Decoupling is an Important Threat

By Alicia Garcia Herrero / 2021.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.144

Chief Economist for Asia Pacific at NATIXIS and Senior Advisor to TABF Beyond trade and technology, US containment has also moved into finance. To st.. more

Financial Institutions Aren't the Center of the Regtech Universe

By David Stinson / 2021.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.144

2021 has been a banner year for regtech. The Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) model has come into its own, allowing banks to offload some of their complian.. more

Banking with the Birds in the Cloud

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2021.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.144

A front-page article in the Financial Times in late April made waves, describing a rate cut at the “Bank of Nook.” This bank is built in t.. more

China's politics pours cold water on the once-hot Hong Kong IPO market

By Matthew Fulco / 2021.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.144

The collateral damage from China’s crackdown on the private sector is spreading to Hong Kong, where the IPO market has cooled after a red-hot ru.. more

“Only Up, Never Down” Constrains Growth

By Su Weihua (蘇偉華) / 2021.11 The Taiwan Banker NO.143

The Evergrande incident has triggered a chain of financial difficulties among real estate developers. Hank Huang, President of the Taiwan Academy of B.. more

Climate Change will Impact Financial Stability

By Su Han-pang and Chen Honda / 2021.11 The Taiwan Banker NO.143

In recent years, extreme droughts and floods have become more frequent, and their intensity has increased. These weather events have not only caused l.. more