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As demand for timely, in-depth knowledge of the financial sector has increased over the years, “Banker” magazines have appeared in many countries. Some examples include The Banker, published by the UK's Financial Times, the American Banker, with a focus on the US, and the China Banker magazine, starting in 2001. Taiwan too needed its own "Banker" magazine, and in 2009, former TABF Chairman Shea Jia-dong launched The Taiwan Banker as a bi-monthly publication. In January 2010, it switched to a monthly format.

TABF has positioned The Taiwan Banker as Taiwan’s go-to publication for financial industry professionals.. The magazine covers a wide spectrum of financial industry segments and trends, regularly publishing commentaries about banking, securities, insurance, corporate finance and financial education. The Taiwan Banker covers topics with both a domestic and international focus, and explores the intersection of the financial sector with economics and politics. The writing style uses simple terminology, aiming to make key news, policies and emerging industry practices in the financial sector accessible to wide range of industry professionals.

The magazine has several sections: Editor’s Notes, Expert Opinions, Cover Stories, and Special Reports. TABF also invites well-known scholars to share their expertise on topics of interest. Their insights are usually published either in commentaries written by the scholars, or in Q&A format with a journalist.

TABF's core values consist of the “4 P’s:" People, Passion, Professionalism, and Precision. The organization's mission is multifold, including financial research and training, issuing professional certifications, and publishing a wide variety of reports and commentaries about the financial sector. TABF aims to help Taiwan's financial sector adapt smoothly to the demands of a fast-changing world, supporting Taiwan's transition to advanced economy status.