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Taiwan Serves as a Model for the World

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2021.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.133

Notwithstanding when the Zheng clan used Taiwan’s location for the pirate economy, ever since the Age of Discovery, Taiwan has always imported o.. more

Three Standards and Five Recommendations to Activate Green Finance

Wu Chung-shu (吳中書) / 2021.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.133

A number of factors are creating the perfect environment for Taiwan’s development of green bonds. Its green industry is growing expeditiously on.. more

The More Asian Financial Centers, the Merrier

By Matthew Fulco / 2021.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.133

The death of Hong Kong is exaggerated. Despite China's imposition of a draconian national security law in the city, the erstwhile British crown colony.. more

Women's Empowerment: Taiwan Stands on the World's Stage

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2020.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.132

In April, Forbes magazine published an article entitled, What do Countries with the Best Coronavirus Responses have in Common? The answer was female.. more

Gender Balance Results from Work-Life Balance

By David Stinson / 2020.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.132

In every industry in every country, the childbearing years are an impediment to female employment. This is especially the case for those who aspire to.. more

Beijing is China's Biggest Fintech Disruptor

By Matthew Fulco / 2020.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.132

China has always been circumspect about disruptive fintechs. Since 2017, it has launched draconian crackdowns on both cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer .. more

Taiwan's Wealth Gap Needs Attention and Action

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2020.11 The Taiwan Banker NO.131

As a gift to Taiwan, the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, which turns 40 this year, has published the country’s first Taiwan Financial Lif.. more

The Pandemic Will Leave a Changed Financial Sector

By David Stinson / 2020.11 The Taiwan Banker NO.131

During the coronavirus pandemic, the transformation of the financial sector has been fast-tracked. Social distancing measures have forced financial in.. more

Taiwanese Banks Should Build on the Success of the Semiconductor Industry

By David Stinson / 2020.11 The Taiwan Banker NO.131

This year, after years of cultivating technical talent, and through the good judgement of its key decision makers, Taiwan upstaged the US in a way tha.. more

Continuously Rising Housing Prices may Harm Growth

By Nan-kuang Chen (Vice President of the Central B / 2020.11 The Taiwan Banker NO.131

Taiwan has an 85% homeownership rate, and about 88% of those are single-family houses. Rising housing prices will make life more difficult for familie.. more