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China Would be Harder to Sanction than Russia, But Still Vulnerable

By David Stinson / 2022.04 The Taiwan Banker NO.148

By all accounts, Russia’s domestic economy was completely unprepared for the unprecedented wave of sanctions that Western countries imposed on i.. more

The Next Generation of Financial Industry Competitiveness

By Edward Hsieh / 2022.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.147

According to statistics compiled by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), the broader domestic banking industry performed well in 2021 due to an.. more

An NT$ 2 Trillion Gold Mine

By Bryan Fu and Jerry Lin / 2022.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.147

The finance industry is doing better than ever!Taiwan’s financial industry has endeavored to adjust its health and its efforts have borne fruit... more

FSC Chairman Thomas Huang Hopes the Financial Sector will Grasp Risks and Opportunities

By Ingrid Chang / 2022.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.147

Taiwan’s financial industry has recorded brilliant 2021 performance, with overall profits reaching a new record of NT$ 936.6 billion. Chairman T.. more

Negotiable Security Industry: Ted Ho, Director General of Taiwan Securities Association: The Three Awakenings of the Taiwan Stock Exchange

By Chen Ya-Li / 2022.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.147

A great return on investment for the financial industry The Taiwan Stock Exchange hit 18,000 points as financial industry profits hit a new high in 2.. more

Marine Innovation Strives Towards Sustainable Development Initiating a Century of Blue Finance

By Huang Jun-yang / 2022.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.147

Besides regulating the climate, the ocean provides economic advantages to mankind. In recent years, “Blue Finance” has gained increasing a.. more

The International Finance Institute Will Help Taiwan's Financial Industry Reach its Full Potential

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2022.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.147

Forty percent growth on the basis of a 2020 pre-tax profit of more than NT$ 600 billion has given Taiwan's financial industry record 2021 profits of N.. more

AFF 2021: Green Energy and Green Power

By David Stinson / 2022.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.147

One of the Earth’s most important carbon storage mechanisms is easily visible from space. Vegetation stores enough carbon to profoundly impact t.. more

China's private sector may never be the same

By Matthew Fulco / 2022.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.147

Beijing has gone too far in its crackdown on private enterprise, auguring poorly for the country’s ability to cultivate competitive companies .. more

Taiwan Once Again Outshines Korea

By Jiunn-Rong Chiou / 2022.02 The Taiwan Banker NO.146

With similar national backgrounds, economies, and democratization development processes, Taiwan and Korea are often compared. In the wake of World War.. more