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The Misuse of the Microfinance Nobel Prize

By Honda Chen / 2022.10 The Taiwan Banker NO.154

While China’s four state-owned banks are among the world’s largest in terms of total assets, a significant percentage of the country’.. more

Taiwan needs more trade agreements to boost its economic security

By Matthew Fulco / 2022.10 The Taiwan Banker NO.154

A BTA with the United States and joining CPTPP would allow Taiwan to meaningfully reduce its risky dependency on the China market Taiwan’s depen.. more

With the right stage, public companies can shine

By Ingrid Chang / 2022.10 The Taiwan Banker NO.154

Public stock companies are usually formed with their own background and positioning. Their starting point is a better life for citizens, but after a p.. more

The Chinese dream is atrophying

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2022.10 The Taiwan Banker NO.154

In 2006, China’s CCTV featured a show called the Rise of Great Powers which documented the rise of Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, the United .. more

Taiwan's mixed ownership listed banks each respond to recent policies in their own ways

By Liao He-ming / 2022.09 The Taiwan Banker NO.153

The domestic banking system includes three banks which are 100% publicly owned and controlled: Bank of Taiwan, Land Bank, and China Export-Import Bank.. more

A Plan to Thrive Under Cyber Harassment

By David Stinson / 2022.09 The Taiwan Banker NO.153

On August, China responded to the Taiwan visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with attacks designed to intimidate it and its allies. The kinetic por.. more

China Airlines flies relies on freight to make Taiwan's logistics flow smoothly despite headwinds

By Ingrid Chang / 2022.09 The Taiwan Banker NO.153

Globally, the aviation industry is facingoperational difficulties due to the pandemic. China Airlines, a publicly owned Taiwanesecompany, has however .. more

Dollar cost averaging helps create investment discipline

By Yen-Ching Chen / 2022.09 The Taiwan Banker NO.153

In March 2020, due to the emergingpandemic, the Taiwan stock market hit a low of 8,523 points. However, two yearsafter unlimited US monetary easing, a.. more

Looking forward to a new era of state-owned business

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2022.09 The Taiwan Banker NO.153

Under clear instructions both not to let Chang Hua Bank fall into the hands of Taishin Financial Holdings, and not let Taishin Financial Holdings suff.. more

Taiwan can handle China's latest weaponization of economics

By Matthew Fulco / 2022.09 The Taiwan Banker NO.153

Since the election of President Tsai Ing-wen in 2016, China has steadily ratcheted up pressure on Taiwan. Economic warfare has been integral to Beijin.. more