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America is making Keynes great again

By Matthew Fulco / 2021.04 The Taiwan Banker NO.136

The United States Congress in March passed a US$1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill, one of the largest stimulus plans in American history. The bill .. more

Taiwan's Value and Positioning in a Bipolar World

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2021.05 The Taiwan Banker NO.137

The US and Japan have released a joint statement to the effect that multiple countries may get involved in the case of an armed conflict in the Taiwan.. more

Working towards a bilingual nation and more globally oriented financial sector

By Matthew Fulco / 2021.05 The Taiwan Banker NO.137

The Taiwan Banker recently sat down with Leo Seewald, President of AmCham Taiwan, to discuss Taiwan’s bilingual nation initiative, efforts to ma.. more

China's CBDC lead could be ephemeral

By Matthew Fulco / 2021.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.135

China currently leads the world in the development of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). While most countries are still in the planning stage, Ch.. more

Financial Trusts Will Become an Important Pillar in an Aging Taiwan

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2021.04 The Taiwan Banker NO.136

23,604,265. That was Taiwan’s peak population, reached in January 2020 before that figure began to slowly recede. According to estimates by the .. more

Central Banks Sound the Alarm on Asset Prices

By David Stinson / 2021.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.135

U.S. stocks and Taiwan stocks have repeatedly challenged historical highs, and real estate prices have continued to rise. Is this a rare investment op.. more

Family Support is not an Adequate Solution for Dementia

By David Stinson / 2021.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.135

The problems with Taiwan’s demographic dependency ratio – the number of old and young people for each working-age person aged 15-65–.. more

Taiwan's Second Wave Requires Impetus from Banks

By David Stinson / 2021.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.135

Anthony Lin entered the financial industry from a less common background: media. Later, working as a speechwriter for HSBC’s China CEO, he witne.. more

Vaccines will Write the Final Chapter of the Pandemic

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2021.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.135

Following the distribution of vaccines in Western countries, lockdowns have ended, and a glimmer of hope has appeared for the end of the COVID-19 pand.. more

Transparency is the Ultimate Solution to Information Asymmetry

By Edward Hsieh, I-Tsung Liao / 2021.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.133

The persistent low-interest environment has made customers eager for financial products with returns exceeding deposit rates. Because these products a.. more