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Finance and tech heavyweights gather at TABF's fintech summit

By the TABF editorial department / The Taiwan Banker NO.97107.01

Fintech, the use of advanced digital technology in financial services, is becoming increasingly widespread. Consumers are the biggest beneficiaries of.. more

Prices must fall further before the real estate market recovers

By Tsui Ya-ching / The Taiwan Banker NO.97107.01

The Taiwan property market reached an apex in 2013. Three indicators proved this point: soaring prices, enormous supply, and continuation of new const.. more

Expecting for the future financial momentum

Huang Chongzhe / The Taiwan Banker NO.96106.12

Green energy financing is becoming more prevalent in Taiwan as we move toward our goal of becoming a country that does not use nuclear power. There is.. more

Chan is systematically reforming its financial supervisory system

Chu Hao-ming / The Taiwan Banker NO.96106.12

In November, the State Council of the People's Republic of China established the Financial Stability and Development Committee, which is a milestone f.. more

Special interview with the Minister of Culture, Cheng Li-chiun

By Chang Hung / The Taiwan Banker NO.96106.12

Taiwan's local film and television production companies have difficulty obtaining funding and believe that production costs are too high. The governme.. more

China Focus: The 19th National Party Congress

writer: Lin Che-hung / The Taiwan Banker NO.95106.11

From October 18-24, the Chinese Communist Party held the 19th National Congress in Beijing. While this Congress did not see any major changes in ideol.. more

How will Trump's tax plan affect the U.S. economy in the long run? Will it attract business and investment?

Writer: Huang Ting-hsuan / The Taiwan Banker NO.95106.11

To boost the U.S. economy and American industry, U.S. President Donald Trump proposed a tax reform plan that focuses on lowering both the corporate an.. more

To revitalize the Taiwan economy, we need to move beyond hardware manufacturing

Writer: Lee Yu-hung / The Taiwan Banker NO.95106.11

To improve Taiwan's investment environment, we need to develop a good business model and export it globally; we can't just focus on the domestic marke.. more

Political problems can be diagnosed, just as a doctor diagnoses illnesses

Interview and Writing: Liu Shu Ning / The Taiwan Banker NO.94106.10

PrefaceErstwhile Tainan City mayor Lai Ching-te (William Lai) has been appointed as Taiwan's premier. Lai's record as Tainan mayor is excellent and ha.. more

What Taiwan can learn from the current U.S.-China trade dispute

By Liu Jin-long / The Taiwan Banker NO.94106.10

During the course of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, Donald Trump harshly criticized China's unfair trade practices, emphasizing the harm that th.. more