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PayNow Corporate is a Small Player with Big Ambitions

By Zhuo Xin-Ying (卓昕穎) / 2018.10 The Taiwan Banker NO.106

Singapore released a “Digital Government Blueprint” this year outlining plans to become the world’s most powerful trade chain center.. more

Pitfalls and Opportunities for Taiwan from the Trade War

By Stephen Su (蘇孟宗) / 2018.10 The Taiwan Banker NO.106

The first two US trade sanction lists had limited impact on Taiwanese exports, but Taiwan should pay close attention to whether future tariffs will ex.. more

The imperfect art of the trade war

By Matthew Fulco(傅長壽) / 2018.10 The Taiwan Banker NO.106

Through sustained economic pressure, the Donald Trump administration aims to challenge China's model of state capitalism and reduce imbalances in bila.. more

Set up an Irreplaceable Taiwanese View from the Trade War

By Hank Huang / 2018.10 The Taiwan Banker NO.106

If you can tolerate the strong nationalism in political reporting and the selective manipulation of news on Taiwan, it’s always interesting to w.. more

A Look at RMB Dynamics:

By Licheng Lin (林立程) / 2018.09 The Taiwan Banker NO.105

Earlier this year, with the US-China trade war underway, the RMB declined sharply. But one must avoid drawing hasty conclusions about causality.Since .. more

The Past and Future of the US P2P Mobile Payment Market

By Huang Ting-Wei (黃庭瑄) / 2018.09 The Taiwan Banker NO.105

The rise of mobile payments has become an irreversible modern lifestyle trend, but mechanisms in use cannot solve certain dilemmas. Their effectively .. more

Bringing Capital and Talent back to Taiwan

An Interview with Sophia Cheng, By He-Ming Liao / 2018.09 The Taiwan Banker NO.105

Only practical actions, not slogans, will improve Taiwan’s competitiveness.Taiwan is awash with money. In 2017, its excess savings exceeded NT$ .. more

Promoting Investment in Taiwan through Pragmatic Governance

By Hank Huang / 2018.09 The Taiwan Banker NO.105

In the nine years since this magazine has been in print, this is our first time interviewing a Premier. In a nearly two-hour off-script interview, Pre.. more

Israel's financial reform strategy

By Tsai Pei-jung (蔡佩蓉) / 2018.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.104

Facing inherent disadvantages, Israel faced many difficulties in developing its financial and banking sectors. Through a series of financial innovatio.. more

Watch the USD in the short term, and China and India in the long term

A Conversation with Eisuke Sakakibara / 2018.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.104

The US is planning to raise interest rates this year. The New Taiwan dollar has been depreciating against the US dollar, falling below NT$ 30.4 to US$.. more