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Examine the face of China's economy

By David Stinson / 2019.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.109

Bubbles have long been a concern when it comes to China’s growth model. During a 1988 visit to Shanghai’s Pudong District – whose fi.. more

Elusive armistice

By Matt / 2019.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.109

China and the United States agreed to not impose any new tariffs for 90 days at December's G20 summit, giving the world hope that the world's two larg.. more

Observe the Now, Plan for the Future

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2019.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.109

Taiwan has finally held its first FinTech exhibition. FinTech Taipei brought together companies from over 10 countries including the US and UK, 125 Fi.. more

“Bank 4.0” will Give Financial Services a New Look

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2018.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.108

Think for a moment – by 2030, what will the difference be between a convenience store ATM and a bank service counter?In the transition from Bank.. more

Special Report on the 9th Elite Awards

By Zhao You-De (趙有德) / 2018.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.108

The Taiwan Elite Awards, known as the “Oscars” of the financial world, have long been a focus of the Taiwan financial industry. A large nu.. more

The Launch of the First Regulatory Sandbox Project

By Liu Shu-ning (劉書甯) / 2018.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.108

Financial institutions have been sprinting this year to provide fast, convenient, and secure online financial bidding services. KGI Bank and Chunghwa .. more

Automation is Coming Whether You're Ready or Not

By Cheng Cheng-Mount (鄭貞茂) / 2018.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.108

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are advancing quickly. Applications are no longer limited to fixed machinery, and new technology has entered.. more

The Central Bank Warns of “Four Major Risks in 2019"

By Li Yu-Hong (李于宏) / 2018.11 The Taiwan Banker NO.107

2018 has been a year of global trade friction. Looking ahead to next year, the global economy will remain turbulent. At a press conference, the Centra.. more

Catastrophic Risk Management for Public Assets

By Wang Xiang-Heng (王湘衡) / 2018.11 The Taiwan Banker NO.107

The impact of catastrophic natural disasters on public assets has become an issue of concern for Asia-Pacific countries. By analyzing different exampl.. more

Strengthening Risk Management for Natural Disasters

By Hank Huang / 2018.11 The Taiwan Banker NO.107

Taiwan should thank its lucky stars. The Pacific subtropical ridge generated more than 24 typhoons this year, but almost none of them directly hit Tai.. more