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A Brighter Future for Millennials

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2019.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.111

Have you ever lost your credit card and had to call 0800? You call the bank, enter your personal identification number and eventually you are transfe.. more

All Change: Designing tomorrow's workforce today

By Olga Rakhmanina / 2019.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.111

New technologies bring exciting change, but through their transformative impact they also challenge the very foundations of how our societies operate... more

Three Ways to Handle a Crisis When Banks are Struggling with Profitability

By David Stinson / 2019.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.111

Net Interest Margin is to a bank as profit margin is to an ordinary business – say a supermarket. It reflects the difference in cost between goo.. more

Next-generation banking

By Matthew Fulco / 2019.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.111

The financial services industry has been slow to digitalize in Taiwan. Not long ago, I opened an account at a well known Taiwanese bank. I was surpris.. more

Singapore and Hong Kong Banks Take the Lead in Open Banking

By Editorial department / 2019.02 The Taiwan Banker NO.110

Singapore’s banking industry has moved quickly to produce open APIs in cooperation with the Fintech industry to create a customer-centric user e.. more

Japan's 'Ending Person'

By Tsai Pei-Rong (蔡佩蓉) / 2019.02 The Taiwan Banker NO.110

With the development of advanced medical technology, Japan’s life expectancy will approach 100 over the next century. Seniors will work more. On.. more

TABF Chairman Huang on Population Problems

By Chen You-De (陳有德)、Ingrid Chang (張嘉伶) / 2019.02 The Taiwan Banker NO.110

In the agricultural and industrial ages, people worked until they were too old to work anymore. Then they retired. In the future, the three traditiona.. more

Preparing Taiwan for the Centenarian Age

By Hank Huang / 2019.02 The Taiwan Banker NO.110

2019 marks the start of a new era for Taiwan's development. Research by the National Development Council shows that Taiwan's natural population, not c.. more

Europe: branch model under pressure to change

By Olga Rakhmanina / 2019.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.109

Technological innovation in finance is challenging the traditional banking model reliant on brick-and-mortar branches to serve customers. The rapid ev.. more

Getting to the Bottom of the Trade War

By QIAN Longlai(乾隆來) / 2019.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.109

After the first round of hostilities, China and the US are in now re-organizing, taking stock, and preparing for a long-term battle of attrition. All .. more