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Fintech with Chinese characteristics

By Matthew Fulco / 2019.06 The Taiwan Banker NO.114

China is among the world's top fintech hubs with its largest internet finance ecosystem. Led by internet giants Alibaba and Tencent, China has in les.. more

Who Will Fill the Gap for Private Chinese Borrowers?

By David Stinson / 2019.06 The Taiwan Banker NO.114

Capital, when put to economically productive uses, involves an inherent degree of risk. The contradiction between de-risking and economic growth is co.. more

Individual Accountability: This Time is Different

By Olga Rakhmanina / 2019.06 The Taiwan Banker NO.114

Regulators around the world are rethinking the mechanisms of individual accountability to ensure senior executives could be held to account when thing.. more

US Banks: Shaking Off Market Troubles, Looking Forward to a Future with Less Branches

By David Stinson / 2019.05 The Taiwan Banker NO.113

The state of US markets for the past several months could be summarized as confusion. After reaching a peak around October, stocks experienced a sudde.. more

Is Japan's 'Cashless Vision' on the money?

By Matthew Fulco / 2019.05 The Taiwan Banker NO.113

Visitors to Japan are often surprised by the Japanese affinity for cash. That preference does not align with Japan's reputation as a technological tou.. more

Brexit: A Tale of Two Futures

By Olga Rakhmanina / 2019.05 The Taiwan Banker NO.113

As Britain tears itself apart over Brexit, the world is looking on trying to discern some lessons from this year’s most high-profile divorce. Th.. more

An Insurance Policy for Taiwan

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2019.05 The Taiwan Banker NO.113

Major unrealized losses in the insurance industry starting last year have triggered wide concern about the profitability of the industry. The IFRS 17 .. more

CSR in Europe: How to be a good corporate citizen

By Olga Rakhmanina / 2019.04 The Taiwan Banker NO.112

The validity of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a concept is rarely questioned today. As businesses run a wide range of CSR initiatives, they.. more

Government Interference and Capital Surplus

By Lan Yi-Fong (藍弋丰) / 2019.04 The Taiwan Banker NO.112

Taiwan considers wind power to be the “energy of the future,” but the first UK offshore farm is already being decommissioned after 20 year.. more

Sustainable Cash Flow from Green Investing

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2019.04 The Taiwan Banker NO.112

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has finally set an offshore wind power sales rate acceptable to producers, marking a new stage in Taiwan’s off.. more