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Ill-fated Didi IPO signifies new stage in US-China financial decoupling

By Matthew Fulco / 2021.09 The Taiwan Banker NO.141

Beijing’s harsh reaction to Didi Chuxing’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange could divert a large number of future Chinese IPOs from .. more

TABF Green Finance Event Analyzes Taxonomies, Project Financing for Taiwanese Bankers

The Bankers / 2021.09 The Taiwan Banker NO.141

Investors around the world are paying more attention to green indicators, but there are many questions about the meaning of results in corporate discl.. more

New Prescriptions for the Old Symptom of Inflation

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2021.09 The Taiwan Banker NO.141

Anyone who has studied economics should still remember from their exam questions about income, wages or interest rates to pay attention to the distinc.. more

The pandemic is accelerating the global fintech boom

By Su Weihua (蘇偉華) / 2021.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.140

Financial technology is changing the business models of financial institutions globally. Digital-first financial services has been beneficial to many .. more

Covid-19 is fast-tracking the digital transformation of the financial sector

By Chen Mo-hsiang (陳莫香) / 2021.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.140

The coronavirus pandemic has upended many industries, with the financial sector no exception.Yet given the increasing use of financial technology (fin.. more

US High-tech Trade Structure and Semiconductor Fragility

By Peter Chow / 2021.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.140

The trade war and the growth in tension between the US has China pose great challenges to the high-tech industries in the global supply chain. The glo.. more

Restart of TIFA Talks Lays the Foundation for a US-Taiwan Bilateral Trade Agreement

By Jiunn-Rong Chiou / 2021.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.140

After nearly five years, Taiwan-US Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) talks finally resumed shortly after US President Joe Biden took off.. more

It's time for Taiwan to accelerate digitization of the financial sector and payments

By Matthew Fulco / 2021.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.140

For the first 16 months of the coronavirus pandemic, life went on largely as usual in Taiwan. In retrospect, this experience has been a double-edged s.. more

Repositioning Taiwanese Capital in the Global System

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2021.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.140

Taiwan’s global profile is higher than ever following a number of key diplomatic wins Taiwan’s star is rising on the global stage. The g.. more

New Southbound policy, M&A and overseas infrastructure investment- The financial industry has become the key to promote industrial transformation

By David Stinson / 2021.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.140

Muchhaschanged in the world since the last US-Taiwan Trade Investment FrameworkAgreement (TIFA) conference was held in 2016. The start of the trade wa.. more