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Remembering Hong Kong as a free port and international financial center

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2024.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.169

On December 10, the Hong Kong District Council election (equivalent to local elections in Taiwan) reached the lowest turnout in history, falling from .. more

How should shareholders' participation rights be balanced with managerial discretion?

By Chien-yu Lai / 2023.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.168

Large publicly traded multinationals emerged in the 1930s. Since their major investors do not necessarily manage the companies, the interests the mana.. more

The impact of current global conflicts on Europe

By Paul John Shelton / 2023.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.168

War is an ugly word and has even uglier and more significant consequences, both on human lives and economies. The impact of any war is always devastat.. more

The US starts to contemplate its mountain of national debt

By David Stinson / 2023.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.168

Without the increased attention now being paid to the national debt, the US Democratic party might have been more willing to negotiate. Driven by seve.. more

What is the next stop for fintech?

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2023.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.168

Ever since the first virtual banks, or neobanks, came into being in the UK in 2016, the world has come to expect a new type of finance. Along with the.. more

How do banks score credit card applications?

By Tien-wang Tsaur and Chung-ying Lee / 2023.11 The Taiwan Banker NO.167

For my anniversary, I went shopping in a department store. When I swiped my card, I found that my credit limit had been exceeded, and the transaction .. more

How to prepare for geopolitical risk in finance

By Honda Chen and John Whitley / 2023.11 The Taiwan Banker NO.167

The concept of war has long gone beyond pure kinetic confrontation, entering the era of “total warfare.” In addition to traditional milita.. more

The US, Singapore, and the EU each strike a different balance on investor protection

By Paul John Shelton / 2023.11 The Taiwan Banker NO.167

Healthy financial markets exist when there are laws, regulations, and courts that protect shareholders and creditors from unscrupulous criminals who a.. more

Humans will play an important, though changing, role in wealth management

By David Stinson / 2023.11 The Taiwan Banker NO.167

It seems that automation has already eliminated the fund manager. Investors have now been convinced that fee margins approaching or even exceeding 1% .. more

The “Central Bank of the Year” award goes to...

By Honda Chen / 2023.11 The Taiwan Banker NO.167

This year’s Central Bank of the Year award at the Central Banking Awards 2023 of the industry publication Central Banking was presented to the N.. more