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Taiwanese banks post record-breaking quarterly profits in Asean

By the Editorial Department / The Taiwan Banker NO.94106.10

Southeast Asia is an increasingly important market for Taiwan. It offers great potential for Taiwanese firms to grow internationally. With that in min.. more

Regaining society's trust is a priority

Huang Chung-che / The Taiwan Banker NO.93106.09

Recently, an unexpected blackout not only caused inconvenience on a hot summer day; it also raised doubts about the government's ability to deliver on.. more

Jye-Cherng Lyu, The importance of national banks strengthening compliance

Liu Shu-ning / The Taiwan Banker NO.93106.09

Globally, the financial regulatory environment is tightening. There is an increased focus on controlling money laundering and strengthening overall co.. more

How technology can transform food culture

LIU,ZHI-YU / The Taiwan Banker NO.93106.09

Dr J.W. Kuo has more than 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and serves as the chairman of Topco Scientific Co. In 2013, he founded .. more

The RMB's road to becoming an international reserve currency

Chu Hao-min / The Taiwan Banker NO.92106.08

China is now the world's second largest economy and increasingly active in global trade and finance. As a result, its currency, the RMB, is increasing.. more

Special interview: Wu Tsung-tsong, Minister Without Portfolio, Executive Yuan

Tao Hsiao-man / The Taiwan Banker NO.92106.08

In recent years, much of the world's population has aged, resulting in greater healthcare expenditure. Some of these people require extensive treatmen.. more

The government is advised to loosen restrictions on fintech to allow Taiwan to tap opportunities in the smart medical segment

Cheng Hsiao-wen / The Taiwan Banker NO.92106.08

There is strong potential to apply advanced financial technology in the emerging field of smart medicine in Taiwan, but current regulations make that .. more

Chart a new course south

Hank Huang / The Taiwan Banker NO.91106.07

To be sure, the surge in arrivals from Asean is a good thing, and can help to offset plunging Chinese visitor arrivals. But there is still considerabl.. more

TAITRA's PMI platform helps Taiwanese businesses take advantage of the New Soutbound Policy's opportunities

Chairman James C. F. Huang / The Taiwan Banker NO.91106.07

TAITRA's PMI platform helps Taiwanese businesses take advantage of the New Soutbound Policy's opportunities James C.F. Huang, Chairman of TAITRA, note.. more

Smart Agriculture 4.0 plan kicks off

Lin Tsung-hsien / The Taiwan Banker NO.91106.07

Since Lin Tsung-hsien became Chairman of the Executive Yuan's Council of Agriculture, he has been actively promoting innovative new agriculture polici.. more