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Taiwan's financial industry experiments with AI-driven recruitment

By Liao He-ming / 2024.04 The Taiwan Banker NO.172

Digital transformation has become a hot trend, and not just in IT, data, and marketing. Following the recent expansion of AI capabilities, its use has.. more

Making a change without destroying a business

By David Stinson / 2024.04 The Taiwan Banker NO.172

Suppose you are a family-owned OEM which has been in business for decades. You clearly have a deep understanding of your product and your users. Now, .. more

Does Climate Change Disrupt the Global Supply Chain? The Panama Canal and the Amazon Ecological Crises

By Paul Chiou and Ying-Ying Janet Wu / 2024.04 The Taiwan Banker NO.172

The recent inflations in most countries starting from 2021 were largely related to the disruptions in the global supply chain led by the outbreak of t.. more

The craziness of this ETF craze

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2024.04 The Taiwan Banker NO.172

In March, as the Taiwan stock market reached a new high of 20,000 points, there was a corresponding wave of ETF (index stock fund) subscriptions, whic.. more

The Importance of Geopolitical Risk in Economic Forecasts

By Liang Kuo-yuan / 2024.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.171

The Israel-Hamas conflict that broke out at the beginning of the year, the recent Red Sea crisis, the U.S.-China trade war starting in 2018, and the 2.. more

The coming revolution in data analytics and prediction

By Chen Ya-Li / 2024.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.171

The AI craze has gained great traction over the past five years, reaching a new peak after it became a mainstream topic in the media and on social med.. more

The Taiwanese economy after the elections

By Alicia Garcia Herrero / 2024.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.171

The results of the elections have important implications for the Taiwanese economy. Firstly, the need for consensus in policies, including economic .. more

COP28 Highlights the Potential Financial Applications of Emissions Data

by Dr. Allen Baby / 2024.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.171

The COP28 summit played a pivotal role as global economies converged to address the pressing issue of climate change. The event witnessed a strong glo.. more

Should shareholders drive the sustainable finance agenda in banks?

By Fergus Clark / 2024.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.171

It’s no secret that the complexity of sustainable finance presents a minefield for Taiwanese banks, as it does for banks globally. Varied stakeh.. more

India's great experiment with digital public infrastructure

By David Stinson / 2024.03 The Taiwan Banker NO.171

The advantages of a single source of truth for personal identification information can be enormous. In the modern world, governments must keep basic i.. more