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Taiwan and the US deepen their joint cybersecurity defense

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2023.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.164

Four months before the March 2011 earthquake in Japan, the Fukushima nuclear power plant conducted a comprehensive disaster prevention training exerci.. more

A broad survey of Taiwan's overall financial position

By Jerry Lin / 2023.07 The Taiwan Banker NO.163

At the end of May, Ayers Alliance Group, with NT$ 100 billion in assets, announced its bankruptcy, detonating the largest financial fraud case in Taiw.. more

How to make the life insurance industry more robust

By Lan Jian-yu / 2023.07 The Taiwan Banker NO.163

As shown in the annual report of the Central Bank on capital flow statistics, the asset allocation of the household sector continued to be dominated b.. more

Why 'good' banks failed? A look at the financials of SVB and FRC

By W.Paul Chiou, Ching-Hsuan Sean Chiu, Richard Hu / 2023.07 The Taiwan Banker NO.163

With billions of dollars being lost due to two major regional banks crashing within the last six months, the failures of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and.. more

Can military economists save Taiwan?

By David Stinson / 2023.07 The Taiwan Banker NO.163

Perhaps no country holds the economics profession in as high regard as the US. It is in this field where the world-class academics of the US have cros.. more

Japan's 100-year history of trusts provides rich reference for Taiwan

By Su Weihua (蘇偉華) / 2023.07 The Taiwan Banker NO.163

“With the advent of an aging society, the trust industry must consider the content of products and services based on the needs of elderly custom.. more

Chinese banks' profit suffering from shrinking net interest margin notwithstanding the reopening

By Alicia Garcia Herrero / 2023.06 The Taiwan Banker NO.162

The profitability of Chinese banks depends on both economic factors and government priorities. The latter has been decisive as policies tend to increa.. more

Connecting care with money will unleash the power of both

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2023.07 The Taiwan Banker NO.163

In March 2020, Living Platform Co., Ltd. was listed on the MOTHERS innovation board of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). Established in Sapporo, Hokkaid.. more

What's different about this round of de-dollarization chatter?

By David Stinson / 2023.06 The Taiwan Banker NO.162

Few countries want the responsibilities that come with being a superpower. These include the management of a global reserve currency, which requires a.. more

New cybersecurity strategy helps the US solve its middle power problem

By David Stinson / 2023.06 The Taiwan Banker NO.162

Does the information domain inherently favor offensive or defense? This is a complex question that integrates technology with economics, and even with.. more