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Non-financial risk will be the regulatory theme of the 2020s

By David Stinson / 2023.02 The Taiwan Banker NO.158

Throughout the 2010s, as the world rebounded from the financial crisis, regulators around the world were intently focused on macroprudential reforms. .. more

Innovation and digitalization are needed to forge market niches

By Ingrid Chang / 2023.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.157

Joey Chen, the new Chair of the Taiwan Securities Association, an industry body with an important role in Taiwan’s capital market, is an industr.. more

The Bankers Association plays a vital role in Taiwan's banking industry

By Ya-wei Chen / 2023.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.157

Constrained by the uncertainty of the global pandemic, the international economy and global markets have undergone drastic changes over the past three.. more

“Model bankers” will always exist, but the name may change

By Su Weihua (蘇偉華) / 2023.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.157

In his masterpiece “Money Changes Everything: How Finance Made Civilization Possible,” Yale professor of finance William Goetzmann wrote t.. more

Capital repatriation will promote economic development and reduce financial risks

By Ingrid Chang / 2023.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.157

Taiwan’s life insurance industry has about 421,000 employees, more than banking and securities. The country’s insurance penetration rate i.. more

China to surprise positively thanks to opening-up while the rest of Asia underwhelms

By Alicia Garcia Herrero / 2023.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.157

Such a fast increase is mainly due the lifting of its zero-Covid regulation which will lead to a jump in local services and possibly, although not so .. more

U.S.-China relations in the eye of the storm

By Matthew Fulco / 2023.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.157

Both countries seek to lower tensions in the short term, but recognize that intense long-term competition is inevitable Ever since the U.S.-China tr.. more

Globalization is not dead, it is evolving

By Hank / 2023.01 The Taiwan Banker NO.157

Duringthe historic first equipment installation at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC) Phoenix, Arizona plant, Morris Chang, the.. more

90% of Taiwanese banks have started their digital transformation journey

By KJ Chang and Win-Way Ngo / 2022.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.156

A fintech wave has swept the world in recent years, and Taiwan’s financial industry has not been immune to this trend. Digital technology has gr.. more

US economic weakness remains localized – for now

By David Stinson / 2022.12 The Taiwan Banker NO.156

In some ways, it’s a classic story of a market bubble. Tesla is a company whose product has transformational potential. Its stock price grew to .. more