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Pain in Emerging Markets Tests Both China's BRI and ESG Concept

By David Stinson / 2022.09 The Taiwan Banker NO.153

Since the inflation of the 1970’s, economists have generally associated price increases with stagnation. The “misery index,” the sum.. more

Deputy Interior Minister Hua: Social Housing Construction Must Take the Government's Financial Stability into Account

By Su Weihua (蘇偉華) / 2022.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.152

Governments around the world have made every effort to solve the problem of housing. The US and European countries have introduced policies such as lo.. more

Grounding Financial Higher Education in Practice

By Edward Hsieh / 2022.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.152

Finance is a skills-oriented industry. Taiwan's junior college financial departments were established in the 1980s to the 1990s, more than 30 years ag.. more

Inflation Tests the Biden Administration

By Peter Chow / 2022.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.152

The US consumer price index rose 8.6% in May, and the Fed raised its benchmark interest rate by 0.75% on June 15, the largest rate increase since 1994.. more

Reduce Anxiety About Homebuying by Realizing the Right to Live

By Su Weihua (蘇偉華) / 2022.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.152

A stable dwelling is both a demand and a necessity. Individuals must have access to shelter before the group can survive and prosper. The main functio.. more

Will China get a tariff reprieve from Joe Biden?

By Matthew Fulco / 2022.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.152

It depends largely on Biden’s domestic political considerations The tariffs that former U.S. President Donald Trump imposed on China have been.. more

Narrowing the Chasm Between Study and Practice

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2022.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.152

After 10 years of discussions and preparations, the first batch of high school students on the 2019 curriculum has finally completed their college ent.. more

Shinzo Abe had a metamorphic effect on Japan-Taiwan relations

By Matthew Fulco / 2022.08 The Taiwan Banker NO.152

The late Japanese prime minister transformed bilateral ties for the better, helping the two nations gradually loosen the constraints of Japan’s .. more

Outflows from China's bond market driven by the FED, Ukraine and COVID

By Alicia Garcia Herrero / 2022.07 The Taiwan Banker NO.151

Since the pandemic, China has experienced a rapid increase in the trade surplus and foreign investment, bringing its net forex receipts to a record hi.. more

The Line Between Finance and Value is Blurring

By Shi Zong-ben / 2022.07 The Taiwan Banker NO.151

Bitcoin has dropped by 32% from the beginning of 2022 to June 17, to US$ 20,555. If calculated from the highest price in the first half of the year of.. more