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Power to the people: how digitalization is impacting card strategies, vendors, and the customer experience

By Fergus Clark / 2024.06 The Taiwan Banker NO.174

As technology continues to evolve, digital transformation also requires continual evolution and embedding of a bank’s digital implementation str.. more

Inclusive Access is not the Same as Financial Inclusion

By Bryan Fu / 2024.06 The Taiwan Banker NO.174

Financial inclusion is one of President Lai's major policy proposals, turning the sector into a force for social stability. The Financial Supervisory .. more

Global Regulators Turn to AI for Myriad Tasks

By Liao He-ming / 2024.06 The Taiwan Banker NO.174

AI has already benefitted the public directly with a variety of consumer-side applications, but behind the scenes, its rise has also led to a revoluti.. more

Chinese money laundering goes analog

By David Stinson / 2024.06 The Taiwan Banker NO.174

Over the past few years, the anti-fraud community has learned the term shazhupan, in which scammers hide behind the anonymity of digital communication.. more

Seeing the light of green finance in the Arabian desert

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2024.06 The Taiwan Banker NO.174

“The wind reshapes the dunes, but the desert is permanent.” These are the words of a Bedouin girl to a shepherd boy, encouraging him to pu.. more

Looking forward to a reshaped financial sector

By Zheng Han / 2024.06 The Taiwan Banker NO.174

June will mark a new beginning for the entire financial industry. On the one hand, President William Lai was officially sworn in as the 16th Preside.. more

The UK leads the way on anti-greenwashing regulation

By Peng Sheng-pen / 2024.05 The Taiwan Banker NO.173

As ESG investing has been mainstreamed, and corporate board agendas have increasingly considered related issues, identifying and preventing ‘gre.. more

Democratized private equity instruments could provide new options for Taiwanese savers

By David Stinson / 2024.05 The Taiwan Banker NO.173

Five years ago this March marked the start of large-scale protests which rocked Hong Kong for several months, destroying Beijing’s trust in the .. more

A risk dampener for Taiwanese finance

By Hank Huang (黃崇哲) / 2024.05 The Taiwan Banker NO.173

During the April 3 earthquake, the 660-metric-ton golden damper stabilized Taipei 101, allowing Taiwan’s tallest building to once again overcome.. more

Finding an outlet for Taiwan's surging capital

By Zheng Han / 2024.05 The Taiwan Banker NO.173

After gathering the Xindian River and the Dahan River, the Tamsui River meanders all the way to the northwest, nurturing all of northern Taiwan. At Gu.. more